"Us" is me -- Connie Chastain Ward. I am a writer, editor, graphic designer and video producer/editor. 


Graphic Design -- I have been doing graphic design since high school, first desiging and creating flyers, brochures and posters for church and school. For various employers, I have created flyers for such special events such as child-safety-seat inspection day and a senior fitness event. In the days before desktop publishing, I edited and produced a monthly newsletter for a senior support agency where I worked, using a typewriter (IBM Correcting Selectric) and a table-top offset printing press.


In conjunction with graphic design, my desktop publishing experience goes back to the 1980s, when I used an early version of Page Stream on my Amiga 1000. I learned DTP producing flyers and brochures for political campaigns and various causes (frequently at no charge) and planning and preliminary design of the tabloid newsweekly, The Florida Sun, prior to its launch.

My graphic design experience includes transitioning to the digital/internet field, including web page components. Although I am not primarily an illustrator, my experience includes pencil/ink and digitally created artwork.

Writing & Editing-- As a staff writer for a local tabloid news weekly, The Florida Sun, I produced two original articles per issue, and selected and edited news service stories and articles. I also wrote, edited published my first novel, Southern Man in 2009 and its sequel, Sweet Southern Boys, in 2012. My second novel, Storm Surge, was published by Desert Breeze Publishing, April 2011. In addition, I have five years experience in online and local critque groups.

Business writing experience dates to the late 1970s, to my first product, a manual for intake secretaries of a multi-county social service agency in the Midwest, and includes composition of business and political correspondance and grant applications.

Video production and post production -- My experience dates to the 1980s, when my sister and I partnered in a wedding video company and produced computer graphics and animations for broadcast video production companies in west Florida and south Alabama. Clients for the latter included various advertising agencies, the Naval Aviation Museum at Pensacola NAS, Ingall's Shipbuilding in Pascagoula, Mississippi, and Mobile, Alabama's "Clean and Green" campaign.

In the 1990s, I shot and edited numerous political videos, mostly campaign commercials, for my employer, a United States Congressman, including several half-hour television programs for broadcast on a local-access TV station.

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