This service includes cover blurbs, taglines and teasers; author biographies, press releases, brochures, media kits and other writing projects. First draft submitted to customer for changes and approval. Finished product is delivered in .rtf, doc or pdf format as email attachments. Taglines and teasers are $10 each. Longer projects are charged at $0.05 per word, with a minimum charge of $10.00 per project. A 300-word press release or blurb would cost $15.


For book launches, author events such as book signings, conference appearances and awards. Sample releases (in PDF format. Use your browser's BACK button to return here):

Book-signing press release for author Tommie Lyn
Book launch for Connie Chastain

For blogs and websites. These can be formatted for printing and delivery by email or postal mail.

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For dust jackets, back covers, websites, press releases. Authors sometimes have difficulty writing about themselves. Give us a little personal background, and we'll craft an informative and memorable biography for you.

Sample biographies:

Vickie Tolliver grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, where she began writing in junior high. She graduated from Ballard University with a degree in forestry. After five years with the Department of the Interior, she returned to St. Louis with her firefighter husband, her preschool son and daughter, and an assortment of dogs, hamsters and turtles. She has published nonfiction in various regional print and online publications. A Woman Alone is her first novel.

The day after he retired, Fred Garrick borrowed his grandson's laptop to file his tax return, discovered the word processor, and wrote Deadeye Malone, the first novel of the Tumbleweed Gulch series. The former restauranteer who made Western novels popular again lives with his wife, Julie, and their too-cute Ragdoll cat, Graham, in beachfront condo in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, far from the dusty Texas boomtown of his stories. When he's not writing, Garrick helps to train service dogs for the disabled.

Sample summaries for back covers or other promotion:

From A Woman Alone by Vickie Tolliver

Nina Caldwell sacrificed years of her young adulthood to the care of her invalid -- and ungrateful -- grandmother. When Eula Caldwell dies and leaves her granddaughter penniless, Nina must strike out on her on.

On the upper Gulf Coast,she finds work for naval architect Sam Stewart, a handsome Japanese-American and scion of one of west Florida's first families.

Falling in love with Sam, but keeping her love hidden from all, Nina gradually learns that she doesn't have a corner on loneliness. And when Sam reveals his interest in her, she must decide whether to give in to love or remain ... a woman alone.

From Southern Man by Connie Chastain
In 1983, in moss-hung Verona, Georgia, the tender and tenacious love between a hardworking man and his adoring wife is tested by sudden adversity.

Corporate executive Troy Stevenson must confront his nasent alcohol abuse or he risks losing the wife, daughter and son he deeply loves. When his latent destructiveness impacts his family, he moves to their weekend cottage to come to grips with his personal weaknesses.

But busybodies at his company assume he left home because his marriage is in trouble. Encouraged by the assumption, co-worker Brooke Emerson, an amoral, 1980s material girl romantically obsessed with Troy, attempts to seduce him, setting in motion a chain of events with harrowing consequences for him and his family.

Southern Man takes readers from the hills of Appalachia to the University of Alabama during the Paul "Bear" Bryant era; from staid New England to drug-drenched and sex-saturated Haight-Ashbury in the Summer of Love; from the glittering skyline of Atlanta to moss-hung south Georgia -- and reveals what can happen when a good man becomes the object of lust and the target of vengeance.


These devices are used for promoting movies, TV shows, even products like beer and insurance. We're all familiar with The truth is out there, Space -- The Final Frontier and Great taste; less filling. They're indispensable for promoting books, too, both fiction and nonfiction, but some writers find them more difficult to compose than the book itself. If it doesn't come to you easily, we can help.>

Taglines are short, punchy, and memorable. They don't tell much about the plot or characters. They're more thematic. Teasers are short (one or two sentence) summaries such as you might find in a TV Guide listing.


Thematic taglines
  • things aren't always as they seem 
  • danger makes the heart grow fonder 
  • love delayed is still love
  • the dark underbelly of radical feminism
  • love and betrayal in the sultry South
  • the good guys lost
  • giving free reign to the spirit
  • the pernicious fallout of the sexual revolution
  • Chris Dupree never believed in crypto-primates -- until they threatened the woman he loved.
  • A corporate executive is targeted with a false sexual harassment complaint by an amoral young woman and her uber-feminist mentor.
  • They thought they would always be alone -- but that was before they found each other.
  • It isn't always Big Brother who's watching. Sometimes, it's...Little Sister.

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