Script -- I start by writing a preliminary script, usually based on the book's cover blurb and any synopsis the author provides. The customer may help to revise this script before editing starts.  How closely the script can be followed is determined by what images and music can be used. Basically, a script is a starting point -- like the outline or first draft of the book -- and the finished video may only vaguely resemble the starting script.

Image acquisition -- Much of the time spent  on video creation is for image searches and graphics processing. My first effort is to find free and/or public domain images. Failing that, I search microstock image sites.  The cost of any images purchased is added to the cost of the trailer and the customer is consulted before images are purchased..  If a customer provides their own images, there is, of course, no charge for their use.

Inzared, Queen of the Elephant Riders by L. Leander
Fiction, Mainstream Historical

Sound/music acquisition -- If there is no appropriate music in Word Slinger's production music library, I check stock music sites. The charges for stock music or sound effects are added to the cost of the trailer. The customer is consulted before music and/or sound effects are purchased.


Image processing --Virtually all images have to be processed in some manner, even if it is simply cropping to fit the video screen. Images also usually require adjusting contrast, saturation, etc.,  in a graphics editor.

Editing -- the cost covers manipulating the timing of fades, dissolves, and other transitions, and pans and zooms. Editing also involves putting titles/text on the screen to accompany the images and tell the story, or adding a voiceover.. 

Videos can take two weeks to a month to produce. I consult with the customer throughout the editing process. Charged by the job based on amount of work and the cost of image acquisition

Customer Videos

Sweet Southern Boys by Connie Chastain
Fiction, Adult and YA Coming of Age Novel
The Black Dagger by David Rollison
Fiction, Action Thriller

Intruders On Battleship Island by Jerrye Sumrall
Fiction, YA Mystery

How to Find the Heart of Bali by Kate Benzin
Non-fiction, Travel

Transformative Travel in Nepal by Kate Benzin
Non-fiction, Travel

Southern Man by Connie Chastain
Fiction, Mainstream with Romantic Elements


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